EIC – Opportunities for SMEs

On 9 February, 2022, the new EIC Work Programme 2022 was published. It disposes of 1.7 billion EUR for all three funding schemes: EIC Pathfinder – for multi-disciplinary research teams, worth €350 million, to undertake visionary research with the potential to lead to technology breakthroughs; EIC Transition – funding to turn research results into innovation opportunities, worth €131 million; EIC Accelerator – worth €1,16 billion, for start-ups and SMEs to develop and scale up high impact innovations with the potential to create new markets or disrupt existing ones.

There are some changes with regard to the 2021 work programme. Sadly, the health and digital challenge of the accelerator made place to more specific topics. But there are also laudable novelties: The scale-up 100 initiative, for the 100 most innovative deep tech companies; equity investment above 15 MEUR; and stronger support to women innovators.

Deadlines and cut-off dates: Pathfinder Open: opens 1 March, closes 4 May; Pathfinder Challenges: opens 15 June, closes 19 October; Transition Open and Challenges: opens 1 March, submission any time, cut-off dates: 4 May and 28 September; Accelerator Open and Challenges: submission any time, cut-off dates 23 March, 15 June and 5 October.

EIC Info Day online: Tuesday, 22 February 2022

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