LTI2018 – Discover the Power of Multilingual Ambient Intelligence

The 7th edition of the Language Technology Industry Summit will be held on 28/29 May 2018 in Brussels. Target attendance is 150+, a mix of techies, CEOs, marketing people and business users, with special sessions involving the most recent insights into multilingual Artificial Intelligence, chatbots, hearables, emotional analytics etc. LTI18 is the place to be for LT providers and users, business leaders, technology developers, investors and analysts to forge new partnerships, find new clients and get tuned to the multilingual intelligent future.  “As a company we are regular participants and have benefited tremendously from participating both in terms of learning about latest developments in the language field, networking and meeting business partners” says Andrzej Zydron of XTM International.
Past speaker companies shows the exciting mix:


Join LTI2018 in May – hot tip: Why not join LT-Innovate? The yearly membership fee is less than a full ticket and gives you many more benefits!
Not yet sure? Check out the past LTI2017 event or enjoy the happy faces on the photo gallery.






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