2019 – the Year of Interactive Technologies

The digital revolution is increasing its tools portfolio every year. But one concern is how to make the Internet and related technology areas more human-centric. That is: how to adapt and develop technology to become intuitive for human users. Human – machine interaction is on the forefront (think of chat bots, info bots or “Alexa” & Co.). Typing is still the main way to ask and communicate, but voice interaction in multiple languages will soon be taking over. Language Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence combined with Language Technologies) will solve accessibility problems (e.g. from minority language speakers), scale up data analytics and support the combat against ubiquitous disinformation (“fake news”).

Augmented Reality (AR), the enhanced real-world environments augmented with superimposed computer-generated images thus transforming and mixing real and virtual worlds, found its way into airports (e.g. Gatwick) and shops (e.g. IKEA). Its potential for entertainment is already well known, but work place AR is the future, soon to come.

2018 paved the way to raise awareness of these technologies and soon they will be  mainstream tools for the daily life. EMFS is proud to be at the core of these developments having facilitated the following activities:

Combat Disinformation: Check out the presentations of the “Fake news and other AI Challenges for News Media” – and watch this blog for the study paper that will be released soon!

XR4ALL – a Horizon2020 project that will develop immersive/XR (virtual, augmented and mixed reality) networks and platforms, and issue calls for sub-projects. Sign into their website and get timely information on how to participate!

The Sound of Intelligence: The 8th Language Technology Industry Summit, to be held from 24-26 June 2019 in Brussels, will feature latest developments of speech technology supported by AI, vertical challenges and cross-over sections, with participants from industry, research and clients/users. The Call for Speakers is open!

For more information, please contact us!

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