Horizon Europe Work Programmes

Since 22 June 2021, the long expected Horizon Europe Work Programmes are published. While these are good news, the bad news follow: Deadline for the 2021 calls is in many cases in September – that means a working summer season for those that want to grab this opportunity. And opportunities are plenty: Alone the WP – 7 for Digital, Industry and Space covers more than 200 action lines on 512 pages. Others are less voluminous, but many have a clear focus on the Green Deal and the Social Development Goals. Here some links:

WP 4 – Health

WP 5 – Culture, Creativity and inclusive Societies

WP 6 – Civil Security for Society

WP 7 – Digital, Industry and Space

The European Commission organises virtual InfoDays starting on 28 June. No registration is needed, all are accessible from the InfoDays Website.

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