SecrOrangeAdministrative support to not-for-profit Associations: from simple office space or telephone services to sophisticated logistics to guarantee a well-functioning back-office support. EMFS has a long-standing history in running secretariats, currently e.g. of LT-Innovate, the Language Technology Industry Association.

FundingFunding opportunities: Our staff works for more than 20 years in exploring European public funding opportunities (Horizon 2020, CEF-Connecting Europe Facility), national funding or private VC. Altogether, it supported SMEs, organisations and larger companies to obtain more than 28 MEUR. EMFS covered areas like AI – Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Language Technology, Smart Cities, Fake News and Media or Blockchain in a wide range of sectors.

auditorOrangeEvents organisation & partnering in a European Environment: The range of services can be merely logistics (finding an adequate place and catering) to active support in getting keynote speakers and other stakeholders. Through our network in all areas of the digital industries, EMFS is well positioned to bringing together different players all over Europe. No matter if you need a speaker at a conference or a partner or coordinator for a European project, EMFS is the one to find the best choice for your needs.

PolicyMakerRedLiaising with European policy makers and advice on European Policy Strategy: The geographical nearness to the EU Institutions and the more than 20 years of activities with them allows for a sound knowledge on how the EU works and how to get in contact with policy makers. EMFS supports companies in their first steps into the European Institutions labyrinth and provides strategic advice on the EU scene.

CollabOrangeTechnology Advice: How to improve your business performance through adopting the latest technology tools? EMFS has a broad overview on the latest developments, their application in a business context, as well as a network of technology providers that will make a difference!